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Say Goodbye to Vanilla Copywriting and slice through the noise

Learn how to leverage human psychology in your online writing and supercharge your content, boost engagement and turn your passive audience into superfans

Is uninspiring - bland - dull - Vanilla - No Strategy content costing you lost leads and clients?
Stop me, if any of this sounds like you 
  • You've tried writing online only to feel you're posting into a void
  • You know there's something missing from your brand messaging - but can't pinpoint it
  • You lead a team of communication professionals who have the writing skills but don't know how to write online

Now really stop me if you dream of:
  • Creating content that makes people stop and share
  • Building your credibility and engagement by starting conversations with other experts
  • Your Ideal Clients begging you to work with them rather than you chasing them

Turn your Content into Your Digital Business Card


Your client's default is set to "Nope"

They scan your website, ignore your invites, leave your emails and newsletters unopened.

I say "$%&*! that"

Copywriting + Psychology is your cheat-code to hack your audience

Discover the halo effect of human psychology on your copywriting and content writing that captures your audience's attention, drives inbound sales, and opens amazing opportunities.

GO BEYOND YOUR WORDS is a 5-day Cohort Course held throughout the year, designed to help individuals and business teams learn how to improve their online copywriting skills by applying the biggest brand's marketing strategies.

  • DITCH the boring "This is what we do" Vanilla  Content

  • Become CONFIDENT in your copywriting and editing skills

  • Find your Core Key Message and STAND OUT from your competitors


  • Create an ENDLESS pool of fresh CONTENT ideas that help you stay consistent

  • Craft CREATIVE & CLEAR hooks, headlines, and stories, that make your audience want to know more

What People did next

  • Launched their own home-baked business to 200 waiting orders

  • Pitched to their investors for funding and got interviewed on local television

  • Organised their own conference and got an 83% attendance

  • Started their own newsletter and grew to over 200 subscribers in the first month

  • Worked on their Personal Brand and booked a speaking gig

If you're a fan of copywriting - Here's what we'll cover

35 Human-Psychology-Backed Strategies that Supercharge Your Writing


  • How to frame your services and prime your audience using human psychology

  • What  makes good scroll-stopping content that starts conversations and builds your reputation and visibility

Image by Ashley West Edwards

Big Brand Copywriting

Study the Masters and learn from their best


  • How to write Hooks and Headlines that grab your audiences attention

  • How to write posts that start conversations with your ideal clients

  • How to engage and comment, to maximise your content visibility

Image by Steve Johnson

Zero-Waste Content


  • How to save time and effort by repurposing content and create a pool of content ideas

  • How to edit your copy for maximum impact that makes you memorable, relatable and compelling

  • How to stay consistent with your content - Say 1 Thing in 100 Ways

Join my top-tier training programme

This cohort is for people who are serious about leveraging their writing and communication skills.

If you have 45 minutes a day for 5 days and want to supercharge your content, gain next-level credibility online, scale your business influence, and give your sales a headstart, join the waitlist and be the first to know when we go live. 

My 5-day online course is a mix of live lessons and discussion with self-paced materials. Unlike other online writing courses, there's no room for passive learning. 


Come in your pjs and bring your coffee and expect lots of reading materials and daily bite-sized guides, examples and exercises to keep you focused and gain real-world experience by practicing what you're learning.


You'll create 20 pieces of published writing, build a network of creatives, and leave with a new perspective as to what you can achieve.


And it doesn't stop there - You'll also get direct access to me where I'll provide 1:1 feedback on your content and big ideas.

So what's stopping you?

Here's what it will look like

Combination of live lessons and exercises

 Spread out over 5 days

Join our live sessions every day and complete daily exercises and projects that will build your confidence in your copywriting skills.

Email feedback

Work directly with me and get instant feedback on your writing and content.

Peer support & collaboration

Learn from each other

Exchange feedback

Grow your network

Hold each other accountable

Wen Chi C

Founder & Life Coach

San Diego, USA

Hi, Vivien!

Thank you so much for your brilliant guidance! I surprised myself how far I have come.

I have learned so much in such a short period of time! My new website will look so much better - it’s a night and day transformation!!!

Thank you so much for all of your help and brilliant guidance!!! You are truly a Godsend to me!!!

Executive Director

California, USA

I cannot say enough that it was an absolutely WONDERFUL experience working with Vivien.


She helped me refine my pitch for my org and abbreviate my why for founding the org.


Vivien is thoughtful, insightful, and has great ideas. I highly recommend working with Vivien.

I've been using social media for 2 years now and have grown my accounts both on Linkedin and Twitter. The experience has opened up a world of opportunity to what would typically be a very small one-person show. 


I've worked with start-ups and solopreneurs around the world, I have a newsletter with over 700 subscribers.  I've gained speaking opportunities and clients come to me - all without a single cold call DM.​


If you want to increase your success rate and revenue, compelling communication backed by human psychology is lightning in a bottle for your online writing. 

Today, I train Founders, C-suite executives, Copywriters, and communication professionals on how to use buyer-psychology strategies to supercharge their online writing.

Say goodbye to slow conversions and hard sales pitches and say hello to customers waiting to work with you.

If you're wondering whether it's right for you - consider what it means not to have a social media presence. 


Are you ready to

Explode your copywriting skills, increase your social visibility, build your brand reputation, and create powerful, content that attracts your ideal clients and opportunities?

What some amazing people say

Marketing Communications Manager

Wisconsin, USA

It was great to work with Vivien.

She is very professional, knowledgeable and a great listener.

She provided our organization with great insights and solutions.

If you need support with your branding, internal/external communication, she is the person to connect with.

Overall grateful for this experience and the outcome!

Oli. B

Productivity Coach
S. Korea

Vivien provided me with perspectives that noone else has, and allowed me to visualise new ideas for content and potential business strategy.


Vivien is passionate about what she does, and as a result speaking with her was really enjoyable as well as insightful.


I’ve been thinking about a number of different aspects of my content and brand that I can work on since speaking with Vivien, and it’s time to start implementing!

Kevin B

Senior Copywriter

Mumbai, India

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 8.39.06 PM.png

Honestly, I couldn't have found your content at a better time as I'm planning to dive into direct response copywriting.


Your website got me binge reading your useful tips. Already subscribed to your NL.


Founder, Shark Stewards



Vivien was super helpful with explicit ideas and recommendations, a professional approach, and take-home action to increase our marketing and visibility. She was also fun and creative to work with


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Plus join today and get your No Vanilla Copywriting Guide and Discover My Breakdown of Apple’s 10 copywriting techniques 


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You can unsubscribe at any time - No hard feelings 

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