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Breathe Life into Your Writing

Make Your Message:

  • More Human

  • Less AI 

Go Beyond Your Words

I know how super frustrating it can be. 

You've got big ideas but when it comes to putting your content for everyone else to see you find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen, hoping for some divine inspiration.

They tell you to write impactful copy for your website, send non-salesy emails, issue an engaging press release, and start an inspiring internal newsletter,  all before you've even had your morning coffee -- That's a lot of pressure resting on your words.

Using AI to write your web pages, blog posts, and other marketing materials is a faster way to get things done but....

Write More Human Less AI

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The unconscious bias of your audience

Your discerning readers default is set to "Nope"

They don't read your emails, they scan your content and want authenticity and transparency from the companies they do business with

Hey! I'm Vivien a Content Copyeditor and communication designer on a mission to help forward-thinking business writers and their teams use AI and still sound Human.

For the past year, I've helped over 25 entrepreneurs successfully launch their businesses by getting their marketing communications laser-focused from the start.

Today, I advise founders, creative writers and C-suite executives on how to edit their AI generated text and bridge the gap between what their business says and what their audience wants to hear.

Breathe life into your writing...

Why you need an Post-Editing Framework

Every writer and editor who has used AI to create content knows that the first draft will never be perfect.


You will need to edit AI text heavily to avoid errors and inconsistencies. 

  • Repetitive phrases

  • Excessive passive voice

  • Inconsistent spelling or term usage

  • Factual mistakes

As well as maintaining your brand’s voice.

No AI can match your established writing style and tone, even with the best prompts.

Similarly, AI content often lacks flow and nuance, making it seem robotic or lifeless. Your post-edit needs to humanize your AI content to improve your audiences engagement

Why our Clients love us

Marketing Communications Manager

Wisconsin, USA

It was great to work with Vivien.

She is very professional, knowledgeable and a great listener.

She provided our organization with great insights and solutions.

If you need support with your branding, internal/external communication, she is the person to connect with.

Overall grateful for this experience and the outcome!

Oli. B

Productivity Coach
S. Korea

Vivien provided me with perspectives that noone else has, and allowed me to visualise new ideas for content and potential business strategy.


Vivien is passionate about what she does, and as a result speaking with her was really enjoyable as well as insightful.


I’ve been thinking about a number of different aspects of my content and brand that I can work on since speaking with Vivien, and it’s time to start implementing!

Executive Director

California, USA

I cannot say enough that it was an absolutely WONDERFUL experience working with Vivien.


She helped me refine my pitch for my org and abbreviate my why for founding the org.


Vivien is thoughtful, insightful, and has great ideas. I highly recommend working with Vivien.

Wen Chi C

Founder & Life Coach

San Diego, USA

Hi, Vivien!

Thank you so much for your brilliant guidance! I surprised myself how far I have come.

I have learned so much in such a short period of time! My new website will look so much better - it’s a night and day transformation!!!

Thank you so much for all of your help and brilliant guidance!!! You are truly a Godsend to me!!!

Breathe life into your content

I want 1:1 advice about my business communication strategy

There's never been a better time to invest in yourself

Get your Message Right from the start

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Message

  • Newsletter Format

  • Lead Magnet Design

  • Target Market & Audience

Next-Step Strategy for your Start-Up Journey 

I want to be a communication game-changer

Elevate your own or your team’s writing and post-editing skills with our hands-on communication Workshop.

Learn how to write for your audience and edit your content to be more impactful and memorable.

I want to go from Draft to Publish Ready

Save yourself hours of moving your text around in circles

  • Increase Readability

  • Impactful and Clear 

  • Speak your audience's language

  • Logically Flow

  • Emotive and Sensory edits

  • Persuasive, Positive, and Positioned

  • Hooks & Headlines 

Quick Feedback to Complete Copyedited Projects

06/06/2023 Save The Date


I'm honoured to be speaking with so many amazing creators at the Create Online Conference on 6th June 2023. Create is a free online event bringing content creators together to talk about all things content. The very first of its kind in Belgium, heck - within Europe. We are aiming high - A range of experts from across the content creator sector will be sharing their knowledge and experience with you. Learn more about copywriting, social media, multimedia, and content tools over five days.

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