73% of your clients are ignoring you

Customers Journey

How big brands get their customers effortlessly

The unconscious bias of your customer

Your biggest marketing problem isn't awareness but your customer not making a decision. 
Your audiences default is set to Nope
That's right - they ghost you, they leave your emails unopened, they go to your competitor, they say they'll stay but don't come back.

I say "#$%@ that!"

You already know you need to *talk* to your audience but you don't know how to

It’s super frustrating. You’re doing all the things you know you’re supposed to do, but you're just not getting the right response.  No one opens your emails, no one signs up for your newsletter. No one seems to be listening!

You're sitting in front of a blank screen, trying to think how to connect with your audience to make them take action - but nothing seems to make a difference.


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I spent 10 years working in marketing and studying Storytelling - here's what I learned

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But wait what if you need more...

Most marketers waste their time writing content that doesn't convert their audience. Shrinking attention spans and long conversion journeys mean it takes longer to convert today's customers. But most small businesses don't have the luxury or resources to play the long game.   The truth is if you're not connecting with your audience as a brand you're losing customers. 


  • Closing more deals quicker

  • Increasing your win rates 

  • Driving up retention

​Forward-thinking businesses, like Apple, Nike, Patagonia, have built their business using Strategic Storytelling. 


Strategic Stories Transform your business communications into memorable narratives that drive conversations and conversions forward. 

Want to bridge the gap between you and your audience and give your sales a headstart?

Hi, I'm Vivien, Co-founder and Strategic Communication Designer at CUCO.


I help Creative and non-Creative, forward-thinking Business Leaders, Executives, and Entrepreneurs, tell customer converting stories.


But wait what if you need more...

Smart communicators tell strategic stories



Take the stress away and let us capture your audiences with meaningful, impactful and compelling content.

Copy & Content Writing, Editing and Proof Reading Ad-hoc  & Monthly Retainer Services

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You open the email you've been dreading, asking you to "Present at the next company meeting."
The last poor person to present didn't stand a chance.  What if you could do it differently...

We help transform you and your team from being data miners into strategic communicators. 


Unpack offline strategic storytelling as an individual or as a team and learn to engage your audience from the start and keep them hooked all the way to the end.  

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for Solo/ Entrepreneurs

Are you a solo/entrepreneur hoping to make an impact with your business? 

Discover the micro-story arcs, structures and frameworks that fast-track your passive audience's customer journey and move your business forward. 

  • Craft compelling content for your website, lead magnets, newsletters, blogs, emails and sales pitch that communicates your brand positioning and value 

  • Cut through your customers confusion and objections and get them to qualify themselves

Don't just take our word - read what our clients say

Christian O. 

Marketing Communications Manager

Wisconsin, USA

It was great to work with Vivien. She is very professional, knowledgeable and a great listener. She provided our organization with great insights and solutions. Vivien made me feel comfortable during our discussion and was very supportive and responsive through the process. If you need support with your branding, internal/external communication, she is the person to connect with. Overall grateful for this experience and the outcome!

Jules S.

Executive Director

California, USA

I cannot say enough that it was an absolutely WONDERFUL experience working with Vivien. She helped me refine my pitch for my org and abbreviate my why for founding the org. Vivien is thoughtful, insightful, and has great ideas. I highly recommend working with Vivien.

Wen Chi C.

Founder & Life Coach

San Diego, USA

Hi, Vivien!

Thank you so much for your brilliant guidance! I surprised myself how far I have come.

I have learned so much in such a short period of time! My new website will look so much better - it’s a night and day transformation!!!

Thank you so much for all of your help and brilliant guidance!!! You are truly a Godsend to me!!!