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Grab your Customers Attention from the Start

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Take Step 1

One of the biggest myths in content marketing is:

"Publish your content, and your customers will come."

Yes, content is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. 

But if you don't have clarity on the:

- Types of content that get you closer to your audience

- Topics that resonate with your customers

No amount of content will help move your business needle.

Align your business by positioning your brand message

  • Understand who you're trying to attract and the problems they are trying to solve 

  • Create a business that attracts your ideal clients

  • Craft a communication strategy that connects with your audience

Take your ideas off the page and put them into action -  Book a Q&A chat

There's never been a better time to invest in yourself.

Sometimes we work so hard on something only to find we're just spinning our wheels.
  • Get the perfect messaging strategy for your Start -UP business goals
  • Focus your product messaging for your specific audience
  • Sharpen your strategy to communicate with greater impact

I'll take you step-by-step and show you how to make your communication talk to your customers. 

What my Clients did next

  • Launched their home baking business and got over 200 orders within 2 weeks

  • Created and designed a recipe book that became their most popular branded merchandise

  • Developed a BIPOC educational curriculum and started a member subscription with over 100+ members

  • Started their own training academy for single mothers and launched their first workshop

  • Moved their consultation to a coaching program and got 37 in-person attendees in the first launch

Clive L.

TEDx Speaker. Global Leader in Website Accessibility for Disabled People.

I just had a fantastic chat with Vivien, following on from her brilliant suggestion last week. She had looked at my profile and made a suggestion that absolutely struck the right chord with me.I’m buzzing with a lot of new ideas right now and I would recommend to anybody who is looking for some advice on marketing to have a chat with her

Oli. B

Productivity coach
S. Korea

‘Vivien provided me with perspectives that noone else has, and allowed me to visualise new ideas for content and potential business strategy.


Vivien is passionate about what she does, and as a result speaking with her was really enjoyable as well as insightful.


I’ve been thinking about a number of different aspects of my content and brand that I can work on since speaking with Vivien, and it’s time to start implementing!’

Annie P.

Fundraising Coordinator
Boston, USA

We were looking for feedback on which types of branded merch would complement our organization by building awareness and providing additional revenue.


Vivien's ideas not only fell in line with our organization's mission but seem fairly easy to implement with minimal upfront costs.


Executive Director
Lexington, USA

Great time working with Vivien. She has been a great asset in helping us develop our elevator pitch. I highly recommend her.

Invest $145 and Start your Tomorrow -Today

Need help with your startup's messaging and positioning - get my insights quickly 

We cover:

  • Website Landing Pages

  • Social Media Content

  • Newsletters

  • Lead Magnets

  • Find the right Brand Positioning

  • Understand your Audience's Pain Points

  • Align your content with your customers inner narrative

  • Define your Niche Market

  • Figure out your Call to Action

  • Target the right customers


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