How to get the most out of your Consultations and Business Coaches

Hiring a coach provides a different perspective than a mentor or consultant. The goal of any business coach is to get you from where you are now in your business to where you want to be in the future. They can help you accelerate your business growth and achieve your goals in less time. Business coaching can also help you clarify your long-term vision and short-term goals and improve your business health, revenue and profits.

If you choose to hire a business coach, be clear from the start about what success looks like for you. There should be a mutual understanding as to what can and cannot be achieved.

Hiring the right business coach is essential to support your personal and business goals and it would be best to discuss with potential coaches to find one that suits your needs now and in the future. There’s no simple answer as to when you might want to hire a business coach. The best thing you can do is determine what challenges you’re experiencing and specfic areas that you need help with.

A quick checklist to help choose the right business coach

Before you hire a business coach there are a few things you should consider

  • Ensure there is chemistry. Coaching is about building a relationship of trust. Make sure you feel comfortable talking to them

  • No Hard-sell. A good coach doesn't need to sell you their services. A non-obligation chat is a great way to see if they are the right fit for you before making any decision.

  • Make sure they have the right expertise. Be careful of anyone trying to sell you their "I did it" strategy. Just because it worked for them doesn't mean it will work for you. Find someone who has the right qualifications (they don't need countless academic certificates) and work experience to help you achieve your goals.

  • Ensure the coach asks good questions and listens. They should help you understand why something works - you want to be coached not preached!

  • Get clear on the results you want to achieve. Find out what is expected and what isn't before your first session.

No matter the area of focus for your coaching experience it is crucial that you know how to make the most out of your time.

1. Identify your area of focus and goals.

The most important thing is to have a specific area of focus. What do you want to achieve? What does success look to you? Be proactive and realistic in your goal setting. Ask your coach if what you want is achievable. It may mean a few changes along the way but if you come to each session with an area of focus and intention you will get specific help on what it is that you want to work on.

2. Keep a journal. I highly recommend keeping a coaching journal to take notes before, during and after your sessions. This will not only help you self-reflect but bring real-life situations into the session. Write down questions or inspirations and review your notes before and after your coaching session to help you understand how to apply what you have focused on.

3. Be open. In a coaching relationship, it is critical for you to be open and honest. There should be a relationship of connection and trust. Your coach should ask you thought-provoking, inspiring, challenging and powerful questions. When you provide honest and transparent answers, you will have more meaningful results. If your coach has to spend time peeling back layers - the coaching process will take longer and may not be as effective.

4. Be prepared to be challenged. Your coach will ask powerful questions to help challenge you and help you see other possibilities. You will need to think critically and will often be challenged to step out of your comfort zone. Remember your coach is there to support and encourage you.

5. Expect change. The reason you sought a coach was to help change or transform you from where you are to where you want to be. To accomplish your goals, there has to be a change in your behaviour, mindset or beliefs. This takes intentional effort. Be willing to accept and embrace that change.

4 benefits to hiring a business coach and consultant

1. Accountability

It's often easy to get blindsided by day-to-day challenges and obstacles, having an accountable structure will help you stay focused and on track.

Your business coach can be a one-off session or a routine weekly or monthly meeting that allows you to follow through, and maintain motivation. The sense of greater accountability can help you achieve results faster instead of trying to do everything yourself.

A business coach will also help you clarify your goals and help set an action plan to achieve them.

2. Shorter learning curve

If you're looking to achieve results in the simplest, easiest, and fastest way - hiring a business coach can shorten your learning curve.

A specialist business coach will have the experience and expertise to understand your challenges and know how to help you overcome them. Working with a business coach can often save weeks and months of finding your own solutions.

3. Greater focus

Business coaches can help to reduce distractions and allow you to focus on your most important activities.

4. Increased confidence

It can be difficult to make effective decisions if you don't feel confident in your choices.

Running a business can be lonely at times. Knowing that you are on the right path and knowing what to do every day is invaluable. Having a business coach by your side allows you to brainstorm, troubleshoot ideas and boost your confidence.

In summary, Coaching works best when you are fully invested in the process. if you are open to creating self-awareness, critical thinking and gaining new perspectives whilst being supported and challenged, inspired and encouraged then coaching is a great way to invest in yourself and your business.

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