Save time, overcome your customers objections for free


No matter how perfect your services are your audience will always find something to object to.

Here are 4 common objections and how you can overcome them.

1. "I don't have enough time"

This objection might be one of the easiest to resolve.

You need to eliminate this barrier by showing your audience that your service won't take a lot of supervision and time.

In fact, go one step better and show them how your service actually saves them time.

Tell them what you expect them to do and let them know you'll handle the rest.

Break your service into action points and guide them through the steps.

2. "I don't have enough money"

If you’ve done your research and are speaking to your ideal client then money is never the real reason for this objection. The real issue is they don’t see your value.

You can resolve this by communicating your value and showing your customers the ROI - the outcome and benefits that outweigh the initial costs.

Quantify your results. "10x your income." "Get 1000 followers in 2 weeks" so they can see the results.

3. "It won't work for me"

Sometimes your prospect will believe in your service but doubt it'll work for them. The best way to overcome this objection is to differentiate yourself from your competitors by sharing case studies or testimonies of previous clients that faced similar problems.

“One of my clients faced X (a similar problem) and we solved it by Y”

4. "I don’t need it right now"

Your prospect at this point sees the value of your service but they don't have a reason to act right now.

Your prospects think “I’ll come back to this later” but they never do. Show them how their problem will cause more pain if they don't solve it soon. For example, wasted time or resources trying to figure it out themselves. Paint a picture of what it would be like if they don't solve the problem:

"Don't Lose that big opportunity.