How to write a cold email

Today I received a Frankenstein email. I know Halloween has come and gone but this one actually hurt my eyes.....

I didn't even bother reading it - but before I trashed it I sent it back with a breakdown of how to improve the company's email pitch.

Subject: How to craft emails that don't scare your prospects

89% of emails get dumped without being opened simply because the sender causes friction.

Here are a few problems I spotted and their quick fixes

1. No personalisation + No story = No connection

A simple research of your audience's website would give a name, and what they do. Build rapport by doing a quick 20 second re-con. and mention a few commonalities before launching into a sales pitch

2. If your audience answers No to the first question you ask then you aren't targeting the right audience.

Use the PA (I) S framework.

Uncover the right problem your audience wants to be solved.

Agitate it: What's the external and internal conflict of not solving the problem?

Add Intrigue this could be your USP. What makes you different from your competitors?

Present the Solution lead with the outcome and benefits

3: Me Me Me.

Not once does the email a