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Discover the Strategic Storytelling framework Nike and Apple used to write for their audience and make their customer the hero.

In 2012 One of Nike's most famous campaigns helped move the Sporting Giant from more than a Sportswear brand and turned it into a Fitness Lifestyle


By making their customer the hero, Nike managed to reframe their brand positioning and align their content with their audience's inner narrative - making it a powerful tool in their marketing tool box.


Let me show you how...

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For your business to be successful there are two things your marketing strategies need to focus on: gaining traffic and building credibility. 

A Lead Magnet is one of the quickest ways to showcase your know-how to your audience

  • What they can expect from working with you,

  • Strengthens your credibility,

  • Raise awareness.

  • Attract quality leads

In this guide, we'll take a look at how to use a lead magnet that will impress your potential customers and grow your email list.

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