Strategic Stories  

that Stick

“The difference between junior and senior communicators is storytelling.”

Presentations > Pitches > Long-form Content > Newsletters > Internal Emails 

Imagine you've just been asked to present to the senior executives. You're excited as well as terrified. This is an amazing opportunity - What you don't want to do is send your audience to sleep. 

This executive leadership workshop is for those who need to communicate with their audience offline or internally. You don't need to be the loudest person in the room to get your big ideas and key messages to stick.


  • Understand and profile your audience 

  • The fundamental elements and principles that construct great story structures

  • Plot your story arcs, structures and narrative

  • Create Hooks that Captivate your audience right from the beginning and all the way to the end

  • Plan your Content  - Storyboarding and Key Mapping.

  • Use Impactful Visuals to tell your story

  • Become audience-centric and story-driven


inspire, Persuade and Influence Your Audience


  • hands-on, level-up for individuals and teams 

  • In-person and Virtual workshops

  • Schedule a quick chat if you require an in-person workshop

Virtual/ In-Person

Individual $275 USD

Small Team (8 people max) $950 USD


Who is this Workshop for?

Anyone who wants to make their offline communication more effective and impactful.

Any forward-thinking business leader who wants to 10x their teams' communication skills. 


How many People can Join the Team Training Workshop?

We believe the optimal number of 8 people allows everyone to participate and feel heard. If you have a larger team you may wish to book a separate Workshop. We do, however, sometimes accommodate larger groups (up to 12) for our in-person workshops. Please contact us to find out more

When do you hold these Workshops? 

I currently hold these Limited Workshops twice a month. I would recommend booking your workshop early to avoid disappointment. Depending on your location we can meet face-to-face or virtually. If you need to discuss further dates and times please book a chat.

Is there a refund policy?

We get it Life happens! Your enrolment is protected by my 5-day money-back guarantee.

Contact us with the subject "Cancellation" with your name for a full refund. All other refunds will be reviewed case-by-case with eligibility of a 25% refund 48 hours before the Program begins.  You may wish to request to move your enrolment to a different date. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our training and consultations, we won't be able to refund any money for sessions already started.

Why is this training live rather than a pre-recorded on-demand video?

I believe a pre-recorded on-demand course cannot keep up with the ever-changing communication world. Trends change, and strategies come and go. I like to make sure what I teach you is relevant and up-to-date.