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Feeling Lost?


I'm not an expert. ​

There I said it.

Most people who claim to be aren't. 

What I am is a solopreneur who turned a side hustle into a business by leveraging social media. I also have a growing newsletter subscription and email system - if that's something you are considering I can teach you everything I know.

That said, what I do specialize in is marketing - specifically, strategic storytelling which covers everything from copywriting to buyer psychology (What to write to get your clients to say yes)


If you need help putting your ideas into action book a Q&A chat.

I have 3 Options that will save you time and effort trying to figure it out on your own.

And before you ask - these calls are just about you. No sales talk, no upselling. Just helping you move in the right direction.

strategy call

Go from zero to hero

20 mins Q & A
60 mins Q & A
4 x60 mins Strategy Sessions
Plus Email Support

What my Clients did next

  • Launched their home baking business and got over 200 orders within 2 weeks

  • Pitched to their investors for funding and got interviewed on local television

  • Created and designed a recipe book

  • Developed a BIPOC educational curriculum and started a member subscription

  • Started their own training academy for single mothers

  • Developed their coaching program and launched their first workshop


Clive L.
TEDx Speaker. Global Leader in Website Accessibility for Disabled People.

I just had a fantastic chat with Vivien, following on from her brilliant suggestion last week. She had looked at my profile and made a suggestion that absolutely struck the right chord with me.

I’m buzzing with a lot of new ideas right now and I would recommend to anybody who is looking for some advice on marketing to have a chat with her

Annie P.
Fundraising Coordinator
Boston, USA

We were looking for feedback on which types of branded merch would complement our organization by building awareness and providing additional revenue. Vivien's ideas not only fell in line with our organization's mission but seem fairly easy to implement with minimal upfront costs.

Exectuive Director
Lexington, USA

Great time working with Vivien. She has been a great asset in helping us develop our elevator pitch. I highly recommend her.

I just finished the meeting and the feedback has been phenomenal! Thanks again

Sometimes we work so hard on something only to find we're just spinning our wheels.

Most people starting out or wanting to grow their business have what I call "shiny object syndrome" Everything looks like a great idea - you learn something and go straight into creator mode only to find it doesn't work. 


You don't need more lessons or courses - what you need are the missing pieces, the next steps, and new ideas that moves your business forward. 

Bypass the painful hit-and-miss and stop trying to figure it out on your own.  I've worked with over 30 solopreneurs launching or pivoting -yes I'll even tell you if your passion project doesn't have the wings to become a business. 

But that's not even the best part - having someone to keep you accountable and drive you to achieve your dreams - that's what makes it worth booking a consultation with me. 

What do you need help with?
Come with all your questions or solve one challenge
  • Find your side hustle

  • Confidence in your Social Media Content

  • Solve your Customer Problems

  • Align your content with your customers inner narrative

  • Define your Brand Positioning and Niche market

  • Improve your sales pitch and presentations

  • Design a lead magnet

  • Figure out your newsletter and email automation

  • Other?

The Strategic Storytelling Framework

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